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[East Coast Trail]
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Weather & Climate

Bird Island - Promise of Sunshine.Bird Island - Promise of Sunshine.

Newfoundland's weather is unpredictable, so pack everything (rain gear, shorts, sweater, etc.) and prepare for anything when leaving home.

The East Coast Trail is particularly susceptible to weather changes because it lies on the Avalon Peninsula, which is situated between the warm Gulf Stream and the cold Labrador current. As a result, the weather doesn't always follow the forecast and the fog can roll in and cover particular areas. Dress in layers and be prepared for a change in weather.

Newfoundland does enjoy a temperate, coastal climate, however, that avoids the extremes of temperature and weather experienced in the interior. In fact, in the summer and fall, and even late spring, when the icebergs and whales are numerous, Newfoundland has some of the best hiking weather anywhere. The cool breezes off the Atlantic Ocean and the crisp, clean island air make any hike, light or strenuous, more enjoyable. The best time to come is from April to November.

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Average Temperatures
Month Average
High ºC
Low ºC
April 9.0 -1.0
May 13.0 3.2
June 17.4 7.4
July 21.2 11.8
August 21.6 13.2
September 17.0 9.5
October 10.6 4.3
November 6.5 1.1