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Spout Path

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[Spout Path] [Spout Path]
Communities at Trailheads: The Goulds (Shoal Bay Road) - Bay Bulls
Trailheads are approximately 33 KM from down town St. John's.
Path length: 16.3 plus 6.4 KM (one way)
Estimated Hiking time: 8 to 11 hour(s)
Path difficulty: Strenuous. Trail ratings explained.
Map: #5 #6 recommend. Maps and map sets available online.
Path Description: A most challenging and rewarding trail, this trail is for experienced and prepared hikers only. Long, hilly, and with a long rough access route of 6.4 km. Map strongly advised. Bring sufficient drinking water.
Attractions: The trail markings are occasional white triangles on a wooden bouy hanging from a tree at eye level, or one metre high way marker posts, the painted white triangles being approx 3"x3" recessed into the wood. Black and white stripped posts are also used for rerouting and on high open areas of trail.

The famous wave-powered geyser aptly named, The Spout, is at the center of this path. It can be seen from as far away as Long Point.

Dramatic sea cliffs, a few sea stacks, an historic lighthouse and 5 water falls keep things interesting along this section of coast line.

Bald eagles nest on top of sea stack.

This longer than usual path has no bail out points. BRING SUFFICIENT DRINKING WATER. The path passes over rough ground, with numerous climbs and descents. Hikers are advised to wear footwear with good ankle support.

Recommended: Start hike early in the day and spend time enjoying the experience at the Spout.
Trailhead North
SHOAL BAY ROAD (The Goulds):

Travel Route 10 to the Goulds, turning east onto Shoal Bay Road and drive to the end of the paved road.

METROBUS - Route 18 goes to the end of Shoal Bay Road. This route operates 7 days a week; the 18 runs hourly. Schedule frequency changes a little on Saturdays and Sundays.

You can find detailed maps of bus routes at metrobus.com
Parking & walking directions to Trailhead North: Park in the gravel area just past the turn around at the end of Shoal Bay Road. Do not block local or bus traffic.

This is the beginning of a 6.4 km rough and rocky access trail to the trailhead on the East Coast Trail. The trailhead is at the juncture of Shoal Bay Road and the coast.
GPS North: 47.4363, -52.763
Trailhead South

Drive Route 10 to Bay Bulls turning east at St. John's Road. A blue hiker sign is visible. Then continue 2.4 km along North Side Road to the end of the paved road. A short distance further, along the gravel road extension there are parking areas near the small cemeteries.
Parking & walking directions to Trailhead South: Park near the two small cemeteries; the trailhead is to your immediate east, proceed 300 m along the dirt road to Gunridge, and you are on the trail heading towards the lighthouse at North Head.
GPS South: 47.3118, -52.7824
Current Path status: Path visible and passable; however the 4 km section between Green Hill and the Spout has overgrowth vegetation on the path May 2016 and shorts not recommended here.

Hiking Note: The Shoal Bay access road from the Goulds is an access road and not part of the East Coast Trail. The association does not maintain this road. It often has a significant amount of water on it and hikers should be prepared for water. The access trail is 6.4 km in length.

Alternate hiking options: The alternatives are longer, but you can avoid Shoal Bay road by hiking in and out from Bay Bulls (approx. 24 km to the Spout, return trip), or start in Petty Harbour at Motion Path and hike through to Bay Bulls (approx. 30 km).
Community Facilities: LIttle Baldhead Campsite on Spout Path. Six tent platforms. No reservations. Primitive outdoor toilet here and one at Freshwater on this path.

Community Websites:
*The Goulds is part of St. John's
* Bay Bulls
* The Irish Loop
* Southern Avalon Tourism Association
License to occupy: E116109

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Community: Southern Avalon - Bay Bulls

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