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Motion Path

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[Motion Path] [Motion Path]
Communities at Trailheads: Petty Harbour - Shoal Bay Road, Goulds
Trailheads are approximately 17 KM from down town St. John's.
Path length: 13.5 plus 6.3 KM (one way)
Estimated Hiking time: 7 to 9 hour(s)
Path difficulty: Difficult. Trail ratings explained.
Map: #3,#4. Maps and map sets available online.
Path Description: This full day hike, accessed from the Goulds on a rocky 6km plus access route delivers the hiker to the coast, up and down a few steep climbs with long views, and on to Motion Head, a low extended headland, a few more climbs and down into the picturesque village of Petty Harbour. There are a couple stream crossings on Motion Head. Motion Head is open and exposed to all weather. There are no bailout points.
Attractions: Wave action at Motion Head give this path its name.

Ponds and unusual glacier erratics near Motion Head.

Loads of blue irises decorate the path in early summer.
Trailhead North
Drive to Petty Harbour via the route to Cape Spear, turning off towards Maddox Cove-Petty Harbour, or via Route 10.
Parking & walking directions to Trailhead North: In Petty Harbour, park in front or beside the Town Hall/Community Centre on the north side, or beside the Fishermen's Centre on the south side. From the south side of Petty Harbour walk towards the ocean and before the end of the paved road, turn right and up the hill at an ECT sign. This takes you to the trailhead just past the last house.
GPS North: 47.4643, -52.7096
Trailhead South
Travel Route 10 turning east at Shoal Bay Road and drive to the end of the paved road.

METROBUS - Route 18 goes to the end of Shoal Bay Road. This route operates 7 days a week; the 18 runs hourly. Schedule changes a little on Saturdays and Sundays.

You can find detailed maps of bus routes at
Parking & walking directions to Trailhead South: Park in the gravel area just past the bus turn around at the end of Shoal Bay Road.

Note that the south end of Motion Path must be accessed by a non ECTA access trail from the Shoal Bay Rd parking area. This access trail will be wet after heavy rains.

Motion Path can be reached from the south by several routes. The path is 17.7 km long if you enter or exit using the Pipeline Track (also known as Miner Point Road) access; 20 km long using the Nippers Cove access route which leads to Shoal Bay Rd.

GPS South: 47.4363, -52.763
Current Path status: Path visible and passable May 2016

Community Facilities: Miners Campsite on Motion Path, no reservations. Primitive outdoor toilet.
License to occupy: E116109

Communities & Sponsored Businesses near this Path

All communities may have amenities such as accommodations, small convenience stores, restaurants, etc. Start planning your East Coast Trail adventure by supporting the businesses that support the trail! For further services and information about the communities please visit the Community Websites and Travel Planning sections on our links page.

[Harbour House] Harbour House
Travel Planning and Packages
Community: Petty Harbour
Trailhead North: Motion Path
Trailhead South: Cape Spear Path
[Harbour House] Harbour House
Hiking Tour Operators
Community: Petty Harbour
Trailhead North: Motion Path
Trailhead South: Cape Spear Path
[Bidgood's] Bidgood's
Dining and Picnics
Community: The Goulds
Trailhead North: Motion Path
Trailhead South: Spout Path
[Wild Roses B&B] Wild Roses B&B
Community: The Goulds (St. John's)
[Wild Roses B&B] Wild Roses B&B
Hiking Tour Operators
Community: the Goulds (St. John's)

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