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Stiles Cove Path

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[Stiles Cove Path] [Stiles Cove Path]
Communities at Trailheads: Flatrock - Pouch Cove
Trailheads are approximately 27 KM from down town St. John's.
Path length: 15.1 KM (one way)
Estimated Hiking time: 5 to 7 hour(s)
Path difficulty: Difficult. Trail ratings explained.
Map: N#4, N#3. Maps and map sets available online.
Path Description: Wonderful coastal path with various access points to enable a shorter hike, eg, Pouch Cove to Shoe Cove, Satellite Road to Red Head or Flatrock. Several elevation changes of up to 100 m.
Attractions: Dramatic coves, rock faces and cliffs, rivers, seasonal rivulets and waterfalls, four bridges. Many wondrous view points. Small Point is an attractive headland for a lunch break. Flatrock a local swim and picnic area.
Trailhead North
Pouch Cove:
Drive north from St. John's to Pouch Cove, either through Torbay or using the Torbay by-pass.
Parking & walking directions to Trailhead North: Park at St. Agnes' Church parking lot. Do not occupy the post office parking. Take the lane north of the post office for 250 metres past the boat haul-up and across the marsh to the Trailhead.
GPS North: 47.762090, -52.763355
Trailhead South
Drive north from St. John's through Torbay to the village of Flatrock.
Parking & walking directions to Trailhead South: Park in St. Michael's Church parking lot. The Trailhead is at the end of Hickey's Lane, east of the church. Please do not park on Hickey's Lane.
GPS South: 47.7061, -52.7104
Current Path status: Path visible and passable May 2016
Community Facilities: Convenience shop available in Pouch Cove. Limited facilities available in Flatrock
License to occupy: E117747

Communities & Sponsored Businesses near this Path

All communities may have amenities such as accommodations, small convenience stores, restaurants, etc. Start planning your East Coast Trail adventure by supporting the businesses that support the trail! For further services and information about the communities please visit the Community Websites and Travel Planning sections on our links page.

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Community: Pouch Cove
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Community: Pouch Cove
[Trail Connections] Trail Connections
Community: Pouch Cove

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