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Sugarloaf Path

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[Sugarloaf Path] [Sugarloaf Path]
Communities at Trailheads: Logy Bay - Quidi Vidi Village
Trailheads are approximately 11 KM from down town St. John's.
Path length: 8.9 KM (one way)
Estimated Hiking time: 3 to 5 hour(s)
Path difficulty: Difficult. Trail ratings explained.
Map: N#1. Maps and map sets available online.
Path Description: A varied coastal trail linking St. John's (Quidi Vidi) and Logy Bay (Memorial University's Ocean Science Centre). Note hiking trail and biking route, signed, criss cross up Bawdens Highland. Drop down to ocean level and climb again, crossing the John Howards bridge and passing distal to the Robin Hood Bay Sanitary Landfill. Through the woods and a final climb up Sugarloaf, local landmark. Two major elevations changes of 150m.
Attractions: Lovely vistas of the coast from atop Sugarloaf Head on the north end.
Striking rock formations at the Skerries.
360 degree view of St. John's and Quidi Vidi from atop the Bawdens Highlands on the south end.
Trailhead North
Logy Bay:
Drive north from St. John's on Logy Bay Road (Highway 30), turning east onto Marine Drive. Follow the signs to the Marine Lab Road and Ocean Sciences Centre.
Parking & walking directions to Trailhead North: Park in the lot reserved for hikers, across from the Ocean Sciences Centre parking lot. The trailhead can be reached across the OSC parking lot.
GPS North: 47.623832,-52.663159
Trailhead South
Quidi Vidi Village:
Proceed into Quidi Vidi Village in St. John's. Turn east onto the unpaved road immediately north of the bridge over Quidi Vidi river, east end of Quidi Vidi Lake.

METROBUS- Route 15 goes to Quidi Vidi. Route 15 operates 7 days a week and runs every 30 minutes. Schedule frequency changes a little on Saturdays and Sundays.

You can find detailed bus route maps at metrobus.com
Parking & walking directions to Trailhead South: Off road parking is available opposite two fluid storage tanks, seen from the east end of Quidi Vidi Lake. Follow the signs to the trailhead about 170m.

If walking in Quidi Vidi Village, walk over the pedestrian bridge at the Quidi Vidi Village Plantation (local artisans) and climb the path up a short hill to the trailhead.
GPS South: 47.582692,-52.676979
Current Path status: Good condition. Path visible and passable May 2016
Community Facilities: A variety of shops and facilitys available in Quidi Vidi.

Quidi Vidi Village Plantation is a new artisans' workshop across a pedestrian bridge over the Quidi Vidi Lake outlet. Crafts and washrooms available.

No facilitys available at the Logy Bay trailhead. No bus.
License to occupy: E117747

Communities & Sponsored Businesses near this Path

All communities may have amenities such as accommodations, small convenience stores, restaurants, etc. Start planning your East Coast Trail adventure by supporting the businesses that support the trail! For further services and information about the communities please visit the Community Websites and Travel Planning sections on our links page.

[Comfort Inn] Comfort Inn
Community: St. John's
Trailhead North: Logy Bay (Sugar Loaf)
Distance from Trailhead North: 8.3 KM
Trailhead South: Quidi Vidi
Distance from Trailhead South: 7.5 KM

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