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Blackhead Path

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[Blackhead Path] [Blackhead Path]
Communities at Trailheads: Blackhead - Cape Spear
Trailheads are approximately 16 KM from down town St. John's.
Path length: 3.7 KM (one way)
Estimated Hiking time: 1.5 to 2.5 hour(s)
Path difficulty: Moderate. Trail ratings explained.
Map: #2. Maps and map sets available online.
Path Description: A scenic climb and descent, rough underfoot, great views back to the cliffs of Southside Hills, Cabot Tower and on to Cape Spear and the Cape Spear lighthouses. Note this path has mostly low growth and is very exposed to weather (think fog, wind, rain)
Attractions: Sea caves, whale watching, bird watching, Second World War dummy forts on top of Blackhead (headland). Berry picking, views of Cape Spear, and entrance to the St. John's harbour

Trailhead North
Turn off Cape Spear Road at Blackhead and drive towards the ocean taking the first (and only) right turn to the turnaround parking area. Please do not block local residents and do not use the private driveway.
Parking & walking directions to Trailhead North: The new - 2015 - trailhead is at the south end of the cul de sac parking. The trail proceeds a short distance up an old gravel road, and then takes a sharp left turn.
GPS North: 47.5261, -52.6573
Trailhead South
Use either the small parking lot provided at Paper Cove, just past historic site boundary, or the main parking lot at Cape Spear.
Parking & walking directions to Trailhead South: The trailhead is just west of the small parking lot at Paper Cove reached when you enter Cape Spear National Historic Site
GPS South: 47.5324, -52.6222
Current Path status: Path visible and passable, in good condition April 2016

Note that various side trails are present near the top of Blackhead. Stay near the Dummy Forts and if walking towards Cape Spear keep to the trail on the left.
Community Facilities: Washrooms and gift shops available at Cape Spear (seasonal hours)

Schoolhouse & Church Museum at Blackhead (seasonal)

Nearest facilities are in Petty Harbour and St. John's
License to occupy: E116109

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