[East Coast Trail]
[East Coast Trail]
[East Coast Trail]


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East Coast Trail Signage

Trail signage is located on each path at the trailhead and along the path at points where it may be unclear where the path continues. Hikers should be able to follow the developed trail way.

Note: There may be side trails that are not part of the East Coast Trail system, please stick to the established trail system, pay attention to all signs posted on the pathway.

At the Trailheads

The signs that mark an ECT path trailhead all have the same distinctive design and format. Each trailhead sign has the East Coast Trail triangle and hiker, the name of the path in large lettering, distances to a few landmarks on the path, the last one being the exit point (which is also the trailhead at the other end of said path). A caution sign accompanies the trailhead sign.

Signs that Mark the Way

Path direction and junctions

When an access or "false" trail intersects the ECT and a turn is required, a sign like these show how to stay on the main ECT path going either direction.

Waymark Posts

Black and white posts and posts with the ECT white triangles mark the path across open areas.

Prone way marker

These wooded signs in distinctive ECT colours are bolted to rocks to show the correct route in locations where upright posts are difficult to install.

Waymark Buoy

A wooden marker with the distinctive white ECT triangle hangs conspicuously in a tree along the path. The triangle identifies the direction of the path.

Locations Markers

Location markers are located along the trail to indicate where you are. These locations are shown on our maps.