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ECTA Crew Work done 2016

Saturday, December 31, 2016

On December 8, 2016, the ECTA seasonal crew laid down their tools for the year. What follows is a partial list of work accomplished by our paid crew during the summer and fall months.

Early May, ECTA trail builders, skilled carpenters and labourers, trod a good section of the trail cutting blowdown from the treadway on many of the southern shore paths.
Sounding Hills and Caplin Bay Paths received special attention prior to the Tely-Hike, with boardwalk repairs, slash removal, and in Ferryland, an extension of the Gaze viewpoint trail into a loop,
as well as replacement of the Goosewell Lane rail fencing.

On Flamber Head Path, a re-routing of the Grumpy Man viewpoint trail. Nettles addressed on Father Troy and an area of cow parsnip on Stiles Cove.

Campsites were cleaned up and firepits removed on Flamber Head, the Spout, and Cape Broyle Head Paths. NL Forestry “No Open Fires” signs were installed at all developed path trailheads.
Fires on Piccos Ridge Path (May) and on Cape Broyle Head Path (July), effected several acres of forested trail area, necessitating discouraging open fires and promoting hiker campstove usage.

Boardwalk upgrading and stepping stone placement was done in the wet area south of Freshwater River on Motion Path, brushing on Motion and Sugarloaf Paths, and crew training on Mickeleens.

ECTA crew assisted ECTA maintenance volunteers outings on Sugarloaf, Biscan Cove and sections of Stiles Cove Path. A group of Kentucky volunteers joined in to help prune, clip, and refurbish
waterbars on several paths from Stiles Cove to Bear Cove Point. Sierra Club volunteers came and help clear Brigus Head Path and the undergrowth on Mickeleens. ExxonMobil volunteers
also put in a day on Mickeleens vegetation control.

A field assessment review was done on Cobblers Path.

GPS with all structures noted was completed from Cape St. Francis to Cappahayden and all trailhead parking lots assessed.

Lastly, a major enhancement of Deadmans Bay Path began this fall with new boardwalk, crib steps, retaining logs and stepping stones where needed between Fort Amherst and Freshwater Bay. A re-route
above the water cistern, curves slightly away from the ocean and brings the hiker with a gentler climb to the top of South Side Hills and the original path.

Story and photos by J. Van Houwelingen

Thanks to Ed Delaney, Crew Manager, Vince Croft and Chris Duffy, crew leaders. Thanks very much to the 2016 ECTA crew. Pictured here: Patrick White, Adrian Allan, Matt Mitchell, Paul O'Brien, Tom Loader, Matthew Manning, Chris Duffy and Vince Croft.

Top row: Crew enhances Deadmans Bay Path along the South Side Hills
Bottom row: Crew upgrading the trail out of Fort Amherst and laying the re-route above the cistern.

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[ECTA Crew Work done 2016]

[ECTA Crew Work done 2016]

[ECTA Crew Work done 2016]

[ECTA Crew Work done 2016]

[ECTA Crew Work done 2016]

[ECTA Crew Work done 2016]

[ECTA Crew Work done 2016]

[ECTA Crew Work done 2016]

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